ESP32 based module ESP-32S

ESP32s module
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ESP32 based modules ESP-32S finally available for ordering.
Reserved mine today. I'm very curious to test if the new chip is really so cool as described.

About ESP32

ESP32 is a new highly integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip manufactured by Espressif. It is based on 240 MHz dual core Tensilica LX6 microcontroller with 520 KB SRAM and 16 MByte flash.

The chip contains 802.11BGN HT40 Wi-Fi transceiver and dual mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE).

There are total of 32 GPIOs available (with PWM/timer input/output availabe on every pin). And all kind of peripherals are there - UART (3 pcs), SPI (3 pcs), I2S (2pcs), I2C (2pcs), DAC (2pcs), SDIO, SPI flash, 12 ADC channels.

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