Bluetooth module HC04/HC06 configuration tool

HC04 bluetooth moduleThese small and cheap CSR BC417143 based wireless Bluetooth transceiver modules are widely used in all kind of embedded projects. They are intended for serial communication and preloaded with serial port profile (SPP) firmware.

The module has user configurable parameters like Device name, Pairing PIN and Serial speed. In most cases the default values of these parameters should be changed (at least Pairing PIN code) to suit your application. It is done by entering special AT commands when the module it is not remotely connected to any other bluetooth device.

Late in 2013 I've created this bluetooth module configuration tool to simplify bluetooth module configuration by avoid dealing with AT commands. So it's fairly old but still useful.

Bluetooth module configuration tool (hc04conf) is a command line utility for quick an easy configuration of Bluetooth transceiver modules connected to the serial port (or USB to serial converter) of your machine. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems.