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I get 2 piece ESP-201 from and use PL-2303HXC to connect from ubuntu 14.04. I try many time with, arduino IDE 1.6.5 and EXPlorer.
Tx     -> Rx on PL2303
Rx     -> Tx

VCC  -> 3.3V (onother power)
IO0   -> GND
IO15 -> GND
Chip_EN -> VCC

but can not connect, also try with all boudrate listed on ESPlorer and Arduino IDE.

But with Putty, when I use 115200, return "lb.lrl" ( code "6C 62 0E 6C 72 6C")
with Putty, I change IO0 to VCC, and float IO15, return "nn|..`." (code "6E 6E 7C 90 92 60 02")
when I change to another boud rate, some another code print out.
all time can not enter anything to Putty

Anyone can suggest me something to solve? Ihave try one day to change many speed but no result.