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Spent some time yesterday trying to get up and running with an ESP-201, with mixed results. I *did* at least get it to respond to AT commands at one point. Then I tried flashing a program via the Arduino IDE, it appeared to attempt to flash in two parts, but failed on the second.

After that, I was unsuccessful in even getting serial comms working again.

I had the IDE set to "Generic ESP8266", Flash size 512K, CPU Freq 80MHz, Upload speed 115200 (which is where I had my successful serial AT comms earlier).

I tried re-wiring and re-flashing a few times, but on my last try all I got was "warning: espcomm_sync failed
error: espcomm_open failed".

I seem to sometimes see conflicting information about whether GPIO0 and GPIO15 should be pulled up or down for certain functions. I have both CHP_EK and XCD pulled up to 3.3V.

Also, some guides show connections for DTR and RTS, but my FTDI Friend only has RTS available by default (with a solder jumper allowing a choice between DTR and RTS). I've just discovered that I can solder a wire directly to the DTR pad in order to get access to both lines simultaneously, but that will have to wait until I get free time again. But then again, some guides don't use those control lines at all.

I'll have to try to keep some notes as I go along and figure more about how things fit together...

What I'd like to see, but I'm not sure I have, is a guide that shows the *absolute minimum* requirements of what ESP pins need to be in what state for Serial AT comms vs Programming.