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I have just got mine working. I had a problem with the external antenna, it fell OFF. I soldered it back on and now it seems to be working.

The picture of the external antenna in your article, is that the finished antenna or do I need to solder 31mm or 125mm additional wire to it? What is the best way to improve reception?

I have an Arduino sketch that writes the signal strength to the Serial port. I am getting -79, -80, -78 ,,, Do you know if this is a good signal or a poor one. I assume the closer to ZERO the better?

Adding a 125mm does not seen to change much..

The WiFi analyser for Android on my LG G3 reports a -70 from the same spot!

I purchased this board from 'Bang Good' because it was breadboard friendly (apart from the programming header which I swapped to the other side of the board) , it was £3. Do you think a more expensive version would give better reception.

It has taken me some time to get this thing working and now I have an Arduino IDE set up and working I would like to put a IOT together.